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Apprentice PCB Builder & Electronics Assembler

The PCB Builder & Electronics Assembler, in concert with the Engineering Department, helps bring to life the industry standard setting, high-performance music reproduction products that the company has built its reputation upon.


This position is responsible for the fabrication, production, assembly, testing and repair of consumer electronics, printed circuit boards (PCB) and the multitude of components used to manufacture the company’s products.


To be successful in this role demands an individual to acquire and continually hone the technical skills needed to perform the duties of the position. Among other items, an unwavering ability to personally achieve the highest quality of workmanship, while simultaneously sustaining a work pace that consistently achieves company expectations for productivity is also essential.

REPORTS TO: Production Manager


PCB Manufacturing & Consumer Electronics Assembly

  • Hand solder components to PCB’s using soldering iron equipment and hot air equipment.

  • Fabricate circuit boards utilizing through-hole and surface-mount technology (SMT) soldering techniques.

  • Assemble components into final products following established manufacturing and testing procedures.

  • Troubleshoot root-cause problems to component level and perform repairs to ensure that assemblies operate properly and per established specifications.

  • Select the best tools and procedures to accomplish each task.

  • Accurately pick and place components.

  • Read, interpret, and follow process manuals, diagrams, schematics and other documentation defining assembly techniques. Read, interpret and identify ratings, codes and specifications on component parts.

  • Minimize damaging and scrapping of inventory and other waste of product, materials and time.

  • Be willing to assist in other areas, and with other tasks as requested, and to train and share knowledge to help advance the skills of coworkers.

  • Consistently achieve productivity expectations within the allotted timeframes.

    Quality Control

  • Prioritize accuracy and quality of outcome in your work, while simultaneously and consistently achieving productivity expectations established by the Production Manager.

  • Continually inspect and test your own work as you go. Make real-time corrections when needed to avoid corrections and delays later in the production process. Work smart to minimize rework and corrections.

  • Be personally accountable to ensure that the parts and procedures you use during production are correct.

  • Foster, uphold and propagate the company’s highest standards and expectations for quality control.

  • Be an enthusiastic participant in continuous performance improvement - personally and companywide. Take advantage of individual and group training opportunities to learn new skills, strengthen existing skills and stay current with company policies, procedures and best practices.


  • Maintain an organized, uncluttered workspace. Perform daily housekeeping (cleaning and organization) in and around designated workspace to ensure workplace safety, production efficiency, and reduce the risk of accidental damage and losses.

  • Update and complete required paperwork, forms, progress updates, reports, time tracking and other requested documentation and data entry in a timely fashion, adherent to the Production Manager’s established standards.



  • Prior experience as a Jeweler, Watch Repair Person, Seamstress or Seamster, or other trade or occupation involved in small scale, intricate work is preferred.

  • Willingness to dedicate yourself to expediting your learning of all aspects of this industry, including soldering skills, testing equipment usage, industry terminology and industry standards and the like.

  • Able to perform delicate, detailed work utilizing hands, tools, eyes and magnifying equipment.

  • Able to read, interpret and follow documentation including, but not limited to; assembly and repair manuals, procedural documents, schematics, diagrams, charts, graphs and drawings.

  • Ability to consistently and reliably output high quality work, while meeting productivity benchmarks.

  • Ideal candidates will also be highly detail oriented, highly organized, and work well in a group environment.

  • Self-motivated, requiring minimal supervision.

  • Able to work in standing and/or seated positions for extended periods.

  • Able to work extended hours, nights, weekends & holidays if requested to meet target production levels.

  • Reliable and timely attendance with reliable transportation.

  • Able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing in English.

  • High School Diploma

  • Successful passing of pre-employment drug testing.

  • Currently authorized for extended work in the United States (Citizen or Permanent Resident).


Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]